High School Veterinary Service
Learn alongside a veterinarian while you volunteer at a dog shelter and an elephant reserve.
Thailand 101
A chance to immerse yourself in all the beautiful secrets of Thailand, from city lights to jungle life
College Veterinary Service
Working side-by-side with a veterinarian learning hands-on at an elephant sanctuary and a dog shelter
The Traveling Teacher
Become a TEFL-certified English teacher while living and learning in a Thai hilltribe village
Experience Thailand: Elephants and Everything Else
Live the Thailand experience! Pack everything from pad Thai to pachyderms into this adventure

2016 Programs

Welcome to our seventh summer in Thailand!

We are currently accepting applications for our 2016 programs. By applying now, you are able to secure your admission early and you have the option of starting payments right away to break them up over the full year.

Why we don't Ride Elephants

Written in 2014 by Jane Cassie

I'm the Managing Director for Loop Abroad, which means I get to shape the itinerary for each of our programs. I often get asked why we don't ride elephants, which is easy enough to do in Thailand.

Recently, at a summer opportunities fair in Connecticut, I made the rounds to the other tables in the room and collected a pile of summer program brochures. There were other programs in Thailand. Of those, most of those included an interaction with elephants. And all of those included elephant riding.

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