The Traveling Teacher
Become a TEFL-certified English teacher while living and learning in a Thai hilltribe village
Thailand 101
A chance to immerse yourself in all the beautiful secrets of Thailand, from city lights to jungle life
High School Veterinary Service
Learn alongside a veterinarian while you volunteer at a dog shelter and an elephant reserve.
College Veterinary Service
Working side-by-side with a veterinarian learning hands-on at an elephant sanctuary and a dog shelter

2015 Programs

Our 2015 programs will be offered in four 2-week time periods. Students are welcome to link together more than one consecutive program - students choosing to do so will save 10% on tuition for each program. Graduating HS seniors can enroll in either high school or college programs, or both.

All programs are based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, so there is no need for air travel between any programs.

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