Katie feeding a bird at Doi Inthanon

Doi Inthanon National Park, a short ride from Chiang Mai, is home to the highest mountain in Thailand, part of the Loi Lar Mountain Range that borders Thailand and Myanmar. The park is home to over 350 species of birds, the most of any location in the country.

Doi Inthanon is known for its spectacular waterfalls and a set of Royal Pagodas perched majestically above cloud level. From the top of the park, you can see out over the jungle for miles around. Doi Inthanon is a spectacular part of the natural Chiang Mai experience, and our students will have two days to explore its offerings with our experienced naturalist guides.

Plight of the Thai Elephant group at Doi Inthanon

Indicative of the biodiversity of Northern Thailand, this one park is home to Moist Evergreen Forest, Pine Forest, and Mixed Deciduous Forest.

Though gibbons, tigers and Siamese hares still call Doi Inthanon home, the presence of large mammal has decreased under environmental pressures.

Still, our overnight stay in the park offers us the unique chance of seeing a Chinese Pangolin, a large, scaly, armadillo-like nocturnal creature. It also allows us to be in the park at the two most active times of day, sunset and sunrise, for the best chance of seeing the highest number of species.

The park offers a fantastic cave to explore, and its waterfalls end in pools suitable for swimming as a welcome break on a hot day. The park is known for the diversity of wildlife along its nature trails, from butterflies and orchids to snakes and mammals.