Jungle Flight

Doi Lungka, Thailand’s 5th highest mountain, features vast rainforests and panoramic views of Northern Thailand.

It is also home to the best zip lining experience in all of Thailand – Jungle Flight. We know this isn't exactly a cultural experience, but it's a great adventure and a chance to see some extensive wildlife that wouldn't be preserved if not for its profitable use as a Zipline facility.

Jungle Flight boasts the longest zip line in Southeast Asia at over 1000 feet – suspended at 150 feet above the jungle floor- offering truly amazing views of the canopy and surrounding areas.

Students will spend the day flying through the jungle on zip lines, sky-bridges, and scaling nets. Included in your trip is the deluxe ziplining package, which offers 34 different ziplines and repels and takes five hours to complete.

The day ends with a talk to the nearby Baan Nam Khong tribal village for a lecture on the Nam Khong way of life and the Jungle Flight Project at BNK, a conservation effort to protect the local rainforest from logging by providing assistance to the Nam Khong people in developing better and more sustainable livelihoods.

We chose Jungle Flight for this experience due to their unblemished safety record and no-fail rope/wire system. Each zip line consists of two independent steel cables running parallel to one another. Riders are fitted into the harness by experienced rope technicians and tethered to each line separately to ensure maximum safety.

Jungle Flight is currently the only zip line course in Thailand offering this two-cable system. For more information and pictures, please visit Jungle Flight at http://www.jungle-flight.com/.