Vet School Veterinary Service

Work with an elephant vet at an elephant sanctuary to care for, learn about, and volunteer with elephants.

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This two-week program put you alongside elephant veterinarians dedicated to teaching you a wealth of knowledge and unique skills while helping animals in need. The full two weeks of the program take place at an elephant sanctuary where you work with elephant vets will care to provide medical care to the pachyderms and complete an elephant care course.


• Work in a small group with an elephant vet
• Learn the history of Asian elephants and various management and training methods
• Learn and assist in elephant medical care including diagnostics, treatments, and preventative medicine
• Fun weekend included with waterfalls and cave trip

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Who It's For

Students age 20 or older who are currently enrolled in veterinary school or have been admitted to vet school and will attend in fall 2018. Individuals of any nationality may apply. Fluency in English is required.

Applicants should be comfortable working with animals and getting their hands, and everything else, dirty. This program can accommodate a maximum of 12 students per session.


Program pick-up takes place in Bangkok, Thailand on Sunday. Your group will travel to the elephant sanctuary together, where you will stay for 13 nights.

Monday to Friday, your group will work with your US and Thai elephant veterinarians to provide medical care to the elephants at the sanctuary. Your group may assist with a small amount of husbandry chores if needed, but most of your day will be spent learning about elephants, observing elephants with your vet, and providing hands-on upkeep and medical care to the elephants on the property. Every day will have a lecture-style component as well as hands-on learning labs and other opportunities.

On the interim weekend of the program, we will take a break from work and travel to neighboring Kanchanaburi during the day to relax, visit beautiful waterfall and caves, tour the city, and enjoy some time off. We will return to the sanctuary in the evenings.

On the final Saturday, we will depart for Bangkok in the late morning and have lunch together before departure.

Tuition and Dates

2018 Dates:* July 1 - July 14.

Tuition: $3,850 USD not including international airfare. Tuition is all-inclusive (including housing, meals, activities and transport) during the program. Pickup and drop-off are at the international airport in Bangkok, Thailand.

Not Included:Airfare to and from Bangkok, any independent travel before or after the program, non-water beverages and snacks. Please note that to arrive in Thailand for group pick-up on July 1, you may need to depart the US on June 29 or 30.

On the Application for Admission, choose "Vet School Veterinary Service" as your program.

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