Abdelrahman Ahmad, DVM


Abdelrahman is small animals and wildlife veterinarian from Jordan. He graduated from Jordan University of Science and Technology in 2019. He is one of three wildlife veterinarians in Jordan working in this field. Animals have been his obsession ever since he was a child. Thus, veterinary medicine has become his path to continue his childhood dreams, but on a professional level now. His dedication and commitment to this cause have become a daily habit, because it’s a way of life, and not merely a job title or career. Abdelrahman has been working with various spp. such as lions, tigers, primates, bears, reptiles, hyenas, bats, wolves, foxes, jackals, raccoons, porcupines, deer, raptors, and more! Besides being a veterinarian. Dr. Abdelrahman is a certified Yoga teacher as well from Sthira Yoga school, Goa-India. He found yoga is so beneficial for his mental and physical health due to all the work stress as a veterinarian and helped him to connect with his body, mind, and surrounding more.