Addam Stine

Executive Director

Addam Stine serves as our Executive Director and is also a co-founder of Loop Abroad. He is based in Thailand, where he lives in Chiang Mai with his wife Jane and their son Max. Addam attended the University of Maryland College Park, where he co-founded Serenity Now Lifestyle Management, a Robert H. Smith School of Business/ Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship Portfolio Company. After leaving Serenity Now, Addam served as the Chief of Staff for an entrepreneur and philanthropist in Washington DC.

In 2009, Addam left DC to travel to Thailand, and he knew that at the Elephant Nature Park he’d found something special. After a year of living and working in Thailand, he co-founded Loop Abroad and began working tirelessly to make sure all the logistical aspects of the program ran smoothly and supported each Loop Abroad group in having an amazing travel experience. 

Addam believes that when the logistical side of a program of this magnitude runs smoothly, students and faculty really have the opportunity to focus on the interactions and experiences that matter most. Our record of safe, secure, and well-organized student programs proves that all his hours behind the scenes are well spent.

In addition to global logistics, Addam manages our strategic partnerships with universitites and foundations. He also works with Jane, Taylor, and Erica on designing and developing new locations for Loop programs. 

In his free time, Addam loves to explore new countries, hang out in airports, do yoga, and meditate. You can reach Addam at [email protected].