Allison Frickel

Trip Leader

Allison “Alli” has always loved animals. Since she could talk everyone around her knew she wanted to become a veterinarian. Growing up on the border of South Texas Alli has been able to encounter a wide variety of animals ranging from small to large to sea life animals. No matter how big or small Alli will always find herself around animals and giving all her love to them. In order to achieve her dream of becoming a veterinarian one day Alli has completed a degree in Biomedical Sciences at Texas A&M University. Gig’em! She is a proud member of the Aggie world. Her Aggie ring is her claim to fame. Growing up she has shadowed, volunteered, and worked at veterinary clinics and shelters. Trying to get as much experience as she could. Even traveled to South Africa and Argentina to work alongside veterinarians. Passions of Alli are traveling, eating/ cooking, and spending time with her family, friends, and pets. According to her high school superlative, she was “most likely to travel around the world not once but twice.” Slowly she is achieving this goal, having been to 4/7 continents already. A fun travel fact about her is she was at the world cup in 2010 in South Africa and she loved South Africa so much she went back to study there with Loop Abroad. Alli is a big foodie. She loves to try everything and anything and also loves to cook. Sharing meals with loved ones makes her heart happy. Alli is always up for new adventures and making new friends along the way. She can’t wait to see what these next few years bring. Pro tip if you don’t know where Alli is look for any animal nearby and you will find her.