Amanda Lewis

Trip Leader

Amanda was born and grew up in Winchester, a small town directly east of Lexington, Kentucky. She is a Type One Diabetic and refuses to let it slow her down. She is a role model and demonstrates that having Type One does not mean that you cannot pursue your dreams. Amanda is thankful for Loop Abroad and how much they were willing to help accommodate her Type One during her travel in 2016.

Amanda will graduate in December 2017 from Morehead State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science and hopes to go on to veterinary school in the near future. She has always had a passion for saving and helping animals and plans on adopting as many animals as possible. Amanda works at a veterinary clinic in her hometown and hopes to continue working there after graduation.

Amanda also has a passion for traveling. She was fortunate to travel with Loop Abroad as a student last summer and hopes to continue to paint her passport with stamps after she graduates. She is thrilled that she gets to go back to her favorite place and show her students all the amazing things about Thailand. She is willing to try new things, which is great when you are traveling abroad. She tried many different foods last summer; some she loved, others not so much.

Amanda’s school and work schedules keep her busy. In her free time, she enjoys, playing with her nephew and her dogs, hanging out with friends, going to the beach, visiting with family and being outdoors.