April Kelly, DVM


Dr. Kelly wishes you health and happiness from Bangkok, Thailand!

Dr. Kelly is American lives as an expat in Bangkok. She graduated from Tuskegee University College of Veterinary Medicine. Since graduation, she has been fortunate enough to practice in several sectors including ER, general practice, non-profit, and government.

Dr. Kelly has led several groups of Loop Abroad students in Chiang Mai, Thailand learning about dogs, cats, and elephants! She has even led a group of undergraduates students from her alma mater when they visited in 2023.

Dr. Kelly has also worked with amazing groups providing veterinary services to underserved groups. She’s humbled to say that she’s worked on a Native American reservation and with several homeless communities in urban areas.

The contribution she’s most proud of is being able to mentor 4th-year veterinary students in community practice and shelter medicine. She loves learning from them about cutting-edge practices and techniques and showing them how to incorporate what they’ve learned in school in a more practical setting.

When she’s not helping animals you can find her spending time with her 2 girls Kennedy and Karis at a museum or taking a day trip and of course being a foodie!!! She’s so excited and ready to help both students and wildlife abroad!