Ashley Hill, DVM


This will be Ashley’s 2nd time at Loop Abroad. Dr. Ashley Hill graduated Colorado State University College of Veterinary & Biomedical Sciences in 2015 and has been in general practice ever since. She began work at City Park Animal Clinic in Fort Collins, Colorado as a veterinary technician while in veterinary school and made a quick transition to associate veterinarian just 3 days after graduation. General practice has offered her a range of experiences including preventative care with adorable puppies & kittens, pocket pets (rabbits, rats, and guinea pigs), surgical cases, spay/neuter, and also emergency. Dr. Hill also performs relief work at several urgent care and 24 hour referral hospitals. Dr. Hill’s favorite clinical interests are radiology & cytology.

Ashley has had many prior jobs including a chemistry teacher at her undergraduate school (Northern Arizona University), janitor, hospital tour guide, and dollar store cashier. She remains passionate about education and teaching and gets excited sharing and learning with others. In her free time Ashley is an avid cook and baker. She also dabbles in poetry and has even had one of her veterinary poems published! She shares her household with a single semi-feral but also loving cat (Luna) which she raised from the moment she was born. Her life is described as: “Crazy, but very exciting!”