Ashley Marshall, DVM


Dr. Ashley Marshall is a Canadian-born, internationally-raised veterinarian currently residing in East Africa. After graduating from Trent University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Environmental Science, she spent time traveling across Canada and the world while working in kitchens, eventually becoming a Sous Chef at the Calgary Stampede. After returning to school to complete prerequisite courses, Dr Marshall was accepted to St. George’s University School of Veterinary Medicine (SGUSVM) in Grenada, West Indies where she had the opportunity to train within a One Health perspective. After completing her clinical year at Cornell University, upon graduation Dr. Marshall began her veterinary career working as an emergency small animal veterinarian at a high-volume 24-hour specialty hospital in Ottawa, Canada. Since then, Dr. Marshall has worked in small animal emergency and general practice and particularly enjoys the unexpected nature and fast pace of emergency medicine. She has also spent time working in remote Northern Canadian and with underprivileged communities providing basic preventative care and sterilization services, has freelanced internationally in small animal clinics, and has spent time as a visiting professor at SGUSVM teaching clinical skills and mentoring veterinary students. Most recently, Dr. Marshall has transitioned into wildlife medicine while completing a Master’s of Conservation Medicine with the University of Edinburgh’s Royal Dick School of Veterinary Medicine. Working on the frontlines of the illegal wildlife trade, Dr. Marshall was the head veterinarian for the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Somaliland, where she helped rescue and stabilize illegally traded cheetah cubs and managed them as a growing resident population. She has also spent time working with primates and other orphaned wildlife in Benin, West Africa. Dr. Marshall is passionate about animal welfare and conservation, particularly in Africa. She hopes to continue her learning path through education and mentorship, sharing her uncommon path as an example of an alternative way to achieving, and ultimately evolving, life goals. In her “spare time”, Dr. Marshall enjoys cooking and baking, gardening, and spending time with her partner Louis and her two cats, Gizmo and Finnegan.