Carolyn Aquino

Thailand Support Staff

Carolyn is So excited to be working again with Loop! She did a 2 week program back in Summer 2018, and worked for Loop after that as an airport staff member staying and guiding the students from their hotel room in New York to the correct terminal the next day. Also welcoming other students that did not stay the night at the hotel, and making sure every single person that needed to board got their tickets and staid with them till they were all safely through security. Lastly she was support staff in Thailand in 2022! Carolyn currently holds two degrees at the moment, one in Science (associates) and one in Culinary Arts as a Pastry and Baking Chef, she currently holds that second degree to make sufficient funds to continue to go to school in since in hoping to get her doctoral in the animal field one day. As of today Carolyn has only been able to travel to several countries which are Thailand, Puerto Rico Bahamas, and the Dominican Republic which is where she is from! Carolyn is currently 25 years old, and turning 26 June 5th! Was also born and raised in the Bronx New York. A small girl with big dreams. A very easy going girl that likes to travel, baking, help people, animal lover for sure, and spends her free time outside at parks or spending it with family and friends. She currently has two pets Looney a 14 year old Chihuahua Pomeranian that actually passed away May 22nd 2023 and Marie a 7 1/2 year old mix tabby and a toroiseshell short hair and probably some other cat breeds. Carolyn likes to bring the light into the room, so go to her for what ever when ever. She is very excited to meet everyone and also see old friends!!!