Claudia Neverauskas, DVM


Dr. Claudia grew up in South Australia as the daughter of a passionate marine biologist. From an early age she knew she wanted to work with animals, and spend her time outdoors. It was her father who pushed her towards veterinary medicine, spruiking the versatility and value of the unique skills veterinarians can bring to conservation. She graduated form the University of Adelaide in 2017 and her first role was working in mixed practice next to a large biodiversity hotspot in rural Australia. During her years as a vet, she has worked largely with cattle, both in Australia, internationally and even at sea! She has a passion for sustainable agriculture and the flow on effects that sustainable food production can have on conservation and environmental preservation. Dr. Claudia has spent time in Southern Africa, Asia and the Pacific working with a variety of species of all sizes, and knows first hand how exciting and unique a career in veterinary medicine can be! In her down time, Claudia can usually be found outside, either on a mountain bike or hiking to find birds during the day, and cooking for her friends and loved ones at night.