Danielle Moffat

Australia Support Staff

Dani grew up on the coast of southern California, where her experiences shaped her love of the ocean and marine life. She pursued this passion further at the University of California, Davis where she received a Bachelor’s degree after studying Communication and Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology. Dani loves to explore cultures, critters, and countries. She has been fortunate enough to travel to 24 countries and plans to add many more to the list… hopefully as a traveling vet in the future with Loop Abroad! When the last 2 years of her undergraduate instruction shifted to an online platform, she moved to London where she worked at a veterinary surgery and had the remarkable opportunities to assist in dog c-sections. She recalls what an honor it was to welcome new pups into the world for the first time. Upon graduation, she attended Loop Abroad’s Panama Veterinary Medicine Program. This program introduced her to a myriad of species she had never seen before and confirmed her desire to pursue a career in wildlife veterinary medicine. In Panama, she was able to witness first-hand how her degrees in communication and wildlife biology and conservation complemented each other. She made it a personal goal to utilize her communication skills to connect and share scientific knowledge with locals, raise awareness, and engage the general public in wildlife conservation on a global scale. Upon returning home from Panama, Dani embarked on her next adventure and moved to the Dutch Caribbean off the coast of Venezuela. Here, she volunteered as a field research assistant for a non-profit sea turtle conservation organization. In her spare time, she volunteered with a coral reef restoration organization. Here, she helped with propagating, out-planting, and maintaining coral nurseries. Through both opportunities, she not only grew in her knowledge of the natural world but also developed a new perspective in regard to ocean conservation and the key role veterinary medicine can have in the field. Dani looks forward to attending vet school in Australia and is very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from veterinarians and biologists around the world. In her free time, Dani loves scuba diving, traveling, trying new foods, training at the gym, and meeting new people!