Georgina Roberts

Galapagos Program Leader

Georgina was born and raised in the county of Lancashire in the North-west of England. Her love for nature and animals stemmed from very early childhood where she aspired to study and conserve marine life as her career. She undertook her undergraduate degree at Bangor University in North Wales in the U.K., with a final project that assessed the human impact on sharks and rays globally. Here she graduated with a 1st degree, in Marine Biology/ Zoology. Following this she went on to study Ecosystem-based Management of Marine Systems a Master of Science (MSc) degree, at the University of St Andrews, Scotland, U.K. where she graduated with a 2:1. Her MSc thesis focused on assessing the spatial ecology of an upper level predatory fish, the Pacific ‘red’ snapper.

During her time as a student, Georgina channeled her focus and interests into Marine Ecology, particularly taking focus on upper-level predators, mainly fish and elasmobranchs (Sharks, skates and rays). Such interest has seen her travel to various regions of the globe including Honduras, Caribbean, Thailand, Antarctica, Philippines U.K. and the Falklands. She spent two years following her MSc graduation, assessing elasmobranchs across the Philippine nation, using camera technologies for biomass and abundance assessments. She went on from here, to do the same on the South Coast of the U.K. in Dorset. She then moved to the Falklands to further study sharks and skates in temperate waters. In each place she visits, she loves talking and educating locals and fellow travelers/ nature enthusiasts, sharing her knowledge and experiences with others, both young and old.

In her free time, Georgina loves exploring the outdoors including hiking, climbing, SCUBA diving, snorkeling, kayaking and caving. She also loves drawing and painting and snapping pictures of wildlife wherever she goes. Two of her favorite species live in Galapagos (the hammerhead shark and blue footed booby), along with many other amazing marine creatures!