Johanny Tejada

Trip Leader

Johanny was born in the Dominican Republic surrounded by the beauty of tropical Caribbean wildlife. She moved with her family to the United States at the age of 12, where her passion for animals gave her focus and drive. She graduated with a bachelor’s in biology with a wide variety of experience in the veterinary field. Johanny has gathered a wide breadth of experience in veterinary science. Having interned at local zoos, where she gathered hands-on experience working with exotic animals from around the world, and worked as a veterinary technician at various practices in her area, caring for dogs and cats as well as small exotic pets. As an undergraduate, she would spend a semester abroad in Thailand with Loop where she confirmed her inner love for wildlife and conservation. There, she would spend her time helping local communities, learning about elephant conservation, and being a member of a health care team for elephants. In her spare time, Johanny loves scrapbooking and going to the park with her dogs Luna and Lalo.