Mahesh Bhatt, DVM


Mahesh graduated from the University of Bristol (UK) in 2017, with a passion for wildlife medicine and conservation he was worked in many countries across the globe. From working with rescued cheetah cubs in Somaliland to rescued elephants at Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. He has also completed an internship in South Africa working with Africa’s famous big 5 and more. Most recently he was the veterinarian at a rescue centre in the Amazon rainforst of Bolivia rehabilitating the jungle’s wildlife; spider monkeys, capuchin, jaguar, ocelot and much more. He also works in the UK as a small animal vet and has 2 years working as a mixed vet working with small animals, farm animals and equine. In his spare time Mahesh loves to travel, go scuba diving hoping to achieve his dream of seeing a great white shark (no cage…), playing football (or as americans would say… ‘soccer’), spending time with the best dog in the world… Bhim.