Marcela Gomez, DVM


Marcela remembers being completely captivated and amazed when she saw wild animals for the first time. But she also remembers how much it hurt when she saw them mistreated and their habitats destroyed. Therefore, she decided to pursue a degree in veterinary medicine. Marcela was born and raised in Colombia and graduated as a veterinarian from CES University in 2019. She finds neonatology of particular interest and nowadays is a student of a Diploma in Neonatology and Schimniatry (animal pediatrics) in small species and exotic pets. She worked at a wildlife rescue center in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. Here, she oversaw the clinical evaluations, treatments, and care of species like bears, primates, large and small cats, and birds. Also, this place heightened her passion for conservation as she had the opportunity to monitor turtle nests on artificial beaches to protect them from poachers and release them when born. Marcela also led rehabilitation programs in a rescue center with animals rescued from the illegal wildlife trade in Colombia. She describes this experience as one of the most rewarding ones as she got to hand-rear several orphans and infants, watch them grow, and then return to their natural habitats. Her patients and released candidates included coatis, opossums, sloths, anteaters, wild cats, macaws, parrots, and more! She will begin a new adventure in September when she starts her Master’s in Global Wildlife Health and Conservation at the University of Bristol in England. Marcela has a passion for travel and adventure. She loves exercising and outdoor activities, especially visiting waterfalls and camping!