Marco Aleman Chavez

Costa Rica Support Staff

Marco Alemán was raised in a small rural town by the name of Newman in California. He graduated with an Animal Science and Management as well as Spanish degree (double major) from the University of California, Davis. He worked for a small veterinary clinic as an animal care technician for about 3 years. Marco has also done research through UC Davis where he had the opportunity of working with mice, rats, frogs, cats, dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, owls, sheep, cattle and many more. To further expand his knowledge and to help guide his path of becoming a veterinarian he decided to go on a loop abroad pre vet program to Chiangmai summer 2023. While there he fell in love with the culture, food, the people and overall the immense care for the elephants at the nature park. All the staff, advisors and doctors were very helpful to him which is why he decided to become part of our staff support team to pass on his knowledge and experiences with other students. Visiting new places, meeting new people, making new friends, playing tennis and exchanging cultural experiences are his favorite things to do. This year, Marco made a goal of visiting Argentina again to see his host family from when he studied abroad to finish his Spanish major. Also, if possible to visit every country in Latin America. In his spare time, Marco enjoys to practicing sports, trying new foods, spending time with family and friends as well as his dog, Mister.