Ruth Parkin, DVM


Dr. Parkin was born in Australia, but grew up on a small family farm in the US Pacific Northwest and attended University of Washington in Seattle for her undergraduate degree in economics.

While traveling in Mexico she witnessed the plight of street dogs there due to overpopulation and decided to change course and pursue a veterinary degree. She attended veterinary school at Colorado State University. As a second-year veterinary student she co-founded an organization that travels to Mexico to hold free high volume and high quality spay and neuter services in underprivileged areas. She remains president of the organization and travels to Mexico twice yearly to organize and participate in the clinics.

Professionally, Dr. Parkin has been in clinical practice for over 10 years and was medical director of a clinic in Denver for several years. Currently she works as a relief veterinarian and spay/neuter surgeon in the Portland, OR area. Dr. Parkin’s other interests include playing volleyball, travel, hiking, biking and relaxing anywhere there is some sunshine and a baseball game to watch.