Shalonda Schickling

Costa Rica and Texas Support Staff

Shalonda is a Loop Abroad alumna who confirmed her passion for wildlife rescue and rehabilitation through one of our very own programs in Thailand! She is excited to help other students along their journeys as well.

Shalonda is a life-long learner who graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Animal Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation. She is passionate about animal welfare and cognition and has a keen interest in developing human understanding of animal perception and experience. She is determined to use her knowledge and experiences to improve the lives of animals around the globe.

Shalonda enjoys building enrichment for various animals including giraffe, stingrays, dogs, shelter cats, snakes, and her own dog at home. She spends her days running an animal care business, training her foster-fail, helping rescue dogs with fear-based reactivity issues, volunteering at her local cat shelter, playing volleyball, making art, and missing rugby.