Shayne McAuliffe

Admissions Intern

Shayne is currently attending school at SUNY Delhi in upstate New York for a business and technology management degree. She plans on pursuing a master’s degree in ecology in hopes of getting involved in wildlife conservation. From a young age, she has been involved in volunteer work related to animals, including shelters and veterinary hospitals.

While in school, Shayne spends her time participating in her college theatre group as the head of the tech department, volunteering with her sorority, and organizing various fundraising events throughout the semester. When she is home in Colorado, she spends lots of time with friends and family, as well as her cat Squishy. She also enjoys trips around the state to hike and see different cities.

Shayne has been traveling regularly for the past five years and has visited ten different countries, as well as 26 different states. She loves participating in unique experiences, meeting new people, and being immersed in different cultures. She hopes to have visited all seven continents within the next five years and only has three left until that goal is achieved.

She was a student of Loop Abroad in 2017 in the Thailand High School Veterinary Service, the Galapagos Marine Research and Exploration program in 2019, and Panama Wildlife Veterinary Medicine program in 2021. She is beyond thrilled to be taking part in helping other students and individuals experience the incredible opportunities Loop Abroad programs offer.