Viviana Resendiz Becerra, DVM


Viviana was born and raised in Mexico City. Since she was a little girl she had a passion for animals, especially dogs and cows. She first went to college to pursue a degree in chemistry but realized her love for animals was stronger and decided to change to Veterinary Medicine in 2014, graduating from Universidad La Salle Bajio located in the state of Guanajuato. After she graduated she started volunteering in a farm where she loved being surrounded by cows but still had a deep passion for surgery. She then started her path working in different veterinary hospitals where she could achieve her goal of performing major surgeries. She faced challenges such as emergency medicine so she decided to do a post-degree diploma in Emergency and critical care and is about to finish a post-degree diploma in feline medicine. She wants to do a Ph.D. in public health because she believes veterinary medicine should be recognized as it is, a very important part of human health. And also pursuing an internship in neurosurgery at Ttexas A&M. Working in hospitals, she believes it’s the most rewarding of all jobs but making a difference in the way people see veterinary medicine is her main goal. She did a research internship in Leon, Spain. Where she learned a lot but also had so much fun, and she wants to offer the same experience to students, where they can also learn from young vets, such as she did in her time there. Viviana has published an article about the effects of calcium in the metabolism of fats in rats in the journal of “Hospital Juarez Mexico”. Outside of veterinary medicine, she likes to volunteer in social causes, where she contributed to her community in Guanajuato helping teenagers talk out their feelings, school homework, socializing skills, and also with homeless people with mental issues. Viviana has traveled to the United States, Canada, Spain, and Italy. Her favorite hobby is to explore the world and learn from it. Her dream travel destination is the Maldives. Viviana’s favorite animal is the polar bear and she would love to work with these animals. She also enjoys dancing, singing her favorite songs, and reading. In her spare time, Viviana enjoys spending time with her four dogs (tabit, Aquila, Jenko and Shadow) and family.