Animal Rescue Kingdom (ARK) - Loop Abroad

Animal Rescue Kingdom (ARK)

Animal Rescue Kingdom (ARK) is a shelter for over 100 dogs located just outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Most of these dogs have been rescued from the street, but some have been abandoned by their previous owners. The dogs have a nine-acre sanctuary to call their own, where they live in three separate runs. The dogs food, housing, and care is provided for solely by donations.

ARK has two air-conditioned clinic rooms in which classes can meet and animals can be examined or treated.

The clinic rooms at ARK are our classrooms. Throughout our time at ARK, we will provide much needed physical exams, ear cleanings, de-worming, attention to wounds and infections, preventative medicine, treatment, and grooming. Many of the dogs who are new to the shelter still need to be neutered or spayed as well.

While all the dogs at ARK are available for adoption within Thailand, many of them will spend their whole life at ARK, which (like most shelters in Thailand) is a no-kill shelter. Our support is vital to their lives, and we’re happy to help them with medical care, funding, and lots of love.