Dog Rescue Clinic

A group of Loop Abroad students at the Dog clinic

The Dog Rescue Clinic is about 45 minutes from the heart of Chiang Mai. Here, students spend their days learning about veterinary medicine and assisting Thai veterinarians to provide free care and sterilizations to dogs and cats in need.

For years, Loop Abroad proudly supported the Animal Rescue Kingdom (ARK), a dog rescue run solely on donations. In 2018, we were finally able to open the Dog Rescue Clinic just down the road to provide even better veterinary support for local dogs throughout the community.

Loop Abroad vet check a white dogThe clinic rooms at Dog Rescue Clinic are our classrooms. Throughout the typical week of a Veterinary Service program, we provide much-needed physical exams, ear cleanings, de-worming, attention to wounds and infections, preventative medicine, treatment, and grooming. Our support is vital to these dogs’ lives, and we’re happy to help them with medical care, funding, and lots of love.