South Africa

Ostrich in the fieldSouth Africa, the Rainbow Nation, is a country rich in diversity. With eleven official languages, several ethnic groups, and vast wildlife populations, it’s an incredible place to experience. The tourism industry in South Africa is constantly growing, and the country is seen as a pioneer in responsible tourism.

You might know South Africa for:

  • Table Mountain, one of the world’s oldest mountains
  • The Cape of Good Hope, one of Africa’s southernmost tips
  • Kruger National Park, where our students will explore in search of the Big 5!

South Africa is also home to a fish migration so big it’s visible from space! (It’s called the “Sardine Run”)

Here, you’ll also find many other records set in the animal kingdom:

  • The world’s largest land mammal (elephant)
  • The largest fish (whale shark)
  • The largest reptile (leatherback turtle) and
  • The fastest mammal (cheetah).

Basically, South Africa is the perfect place for our newest Veterinary Service Program!