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Private Groups

We build outstanding custom programs for universities, clubs, and other organizations

Loop Abroad can arrange private groups for groups of 8 or more students or individuals. If you are interested in a private group trip, please contact [email protected].

We can offer a customized version of any of our regular programs at any of our program locations. Some of the benefits of arranging a private group include a simplified application process with no application fee, extended payment schedule, group fundraising options, customizable itinerary, and group flights from a variety of departure locations.

If you are interested in arranging a custom trip for your school, contact us about how you can travel free with your group. The arranger of the group can be a student, teacher, or professor. We look forward to providing you with an amazing travel experience!

Abbey’s Private Group

Alexa’s Private Group

Arianna’s Private Group

Breanna’s Private Group

Cheyenne’s Private Group

Dr. Jennifer Shelly’s Private Group (Del Val University)

Dr. Elisa Bobrin’s Private Group (Del Val University)

Elephant Medicine Externship – ROSS

Elephant Medicine Externship – SGUVS

Emri’s Private Group

Janice’s Private Group

Jasmine’s Private Group

Kennedy’s Private Group

Kiley’s Private Group

Kristen and Rayanna’s Private Group

Kulani’s Private Group

Lauren Omerzo’s Private Group

Lauren Koester’s Private Group

Liz’s Private Group (South Africa Zoo)

Liz’s Private Group (South Africa Vet)

Madison’s Private Group

Morgan’s Private Group

Samantha’s Private Group

Sarah’s Private Group

Tania’s Private Group

“This program allowed me to have the experience of a lifetime and build some lifelong friendships! I never could’ve imagined how amazing this adventure would be. I had such an amazing time gaining experience with elephants and building great memories with amazing people!”

Sarah B., Thailand 101 2016 + Elephant Bonus Week

Wittenberg University