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Behind-the-scenes advice for your journey to become a vet

Our most popular courses… online!

You’re sheltered in place. You’ve already scrolled Netflix for new releases and liked 125 Instagram posts. Somehow you’re bored and stressed at the same time. How about putting some of that screen-time towards earning 3 college credits from home?

“Online classes? Boring.”

Not so at Loop Abroad! The innovative and exciting veterinary field courses Loop students have grown to love are now available from the comfort of your couch!

Big Cats? Got it! Elephants? Yep! Veterinary research and veterinary internships online? Have those too!

Loop Abroad prides itself on offering some of the most unique educational opportunities in the world. These new Loop online courses improve access to quality veterinary education at an unbeatable price for students across the globe. 

All our online courses for credit are 300-level and 400-level university courses and include 3 credits from University of Findlay (USA). Let’s take a deeper dive!

BIO 401: Elephant Management and Medicine (Online)

Love pachyderms? Can’t wait to travel to Thailand with us when the restrictions are finally lifted? This course is for you.

From elephant anatomy to behavior, training, welfare, diseases, medical conditions, and conservation, this unique course will prepare you to appreciate these magnificent creatures even more. Plus you’ll be even better informed to help conserve them!

BIO 400: Companion Animal Management (Online) 

As you read this post, we suspect your furry BFF may be sitting right next you. How about a comprehensive 400-level course on health management for your best companion?

This course offers you the opportunity to study critical veterinary techniques and skills, including physical examination and diagnostic sampling, anesthetic management, principles of spay and neuter surgeries, nutrition and wellness, and common diseases of dogs and cats. It’s your best way to prepare to make even more of your clinic internship!

BIO 304: South Africa Zoo Husbandry and Management (Online) 

A South African veterinary safari from, uh, New Jersey? Yep!

This course guides students through the fundamental principles of zoological husbandry and management, focusing uniquely on South Africa.

“The diversity and beauty of South African wildlife is truly incredible. My experience with Loop wildlife education sparked my passion for conservation and advocacy for these amazing animals.”

–Mary Beth Glass, Assistant Admissions Director

This course is one of Loop’s most unique offerings and is sure to be popular among those interested in wildlife veterinary medicine. Dive deep into taxonomy, anatomy, physiology, nutrition, enclosure design, welfare and enrichment, capture and restraint, diagnostics, preventative medicine, pathology, and conservation!

BIO 307: Anatomy, Behavior, and Conservation of African Big Cats (Online)

Two words: BIG CATS!

Of all the animals in the kingdom, African lions, leopards and cheetahs are favorites among animal lovers. This comprehensive 8-week course provides a window into the medical management of these powerful and magnificent felines.

On the heels of “Tiger King,” there has never been a better time to dive into the field of big cat conservation — the RIGHT way! Loop Abroad takes pride in working exclusively with accredited, prestigious, and well-respected conservation organizations and facilities. 

Join this course to learn from an expert zoo veterinarian about anatomy, physiology, husbandry, conservation and medical management of big cats.

BIO 308: Marine Animal, Behavior, and Conservation (Online)

This one’s for all the aquatic lovers out there! Do you think sea turtles don’t get enough love? This course is for you!

This course focuses on critical marine conservation issues while teaching the anatomy and behavior of invertebrates, bony fishes, rays, sharks, marine birds, marine mammals, and yes – SEA TURTLES!

According to the International Association for Aquatic Animal Medicine (IAAAM) “…there is no straight-forward or typical answer to achieving a career in aquatic or marine mammal medicine…(as) no veterinary college has a comprehensive program for specializing in aquatic or marine mammal medicine.”

For those interested in the field, the IAAAM suggests “….getting as much education and practical experience along the way as possible…(including) aquarium, rehabilitation, research, and aquatic animal facilities” education.

Even for those not looking to become a full-time aquatic vet, the new online marine course with Loop is a great way to set yourself apart on those vet school applications!