Belize Zoo Internship

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Why Choose An Internship?

Our veterinary internships abroad offer students an amazing opportunity to pursue their love of travel while also earning valuable career experience. Compared to our study abroad programs, our internships give students more flexibility when traveling. They’re perfect for students who want to gain hands-on experience but with the freedom to travel and spend time on their own. They’re also great for those who don’t want to navigate the logistics of finding and vetting their own internship opportunity or housing abroad.

Similar to traditional internships, our veterinary internships abroad provide placement with one of our partner projects. Through this placement, you’ll have a set place to intern each day where you’ll shadow, observe, or assist as needed. These internships provide experience that can be used on a resume and some colleges and universities may even accept internship credit for them.

Please note that Loop Abroad internships are quite different from Loop Abroad programs. You will not have a Loop Abroad staff member with you each day, you do not have a Loop Abroad teaching vet, and you do not have activities and transportation scheduled and provided for you. Internships offer you the flexibility of traveling and exploring on your own with the safety and support of an in-country support coordinator, as well as a traditional shadowing internship placement at one of our partner projects. At all internships, you should expect to be on-site approximately 35-40 hours per week, Monday to Friday.

Who It’s For

The Belize Zoo internship brings you to tropical Belize where you’ll get hands-on experience working and learning at the Belize Zoo. This internship is perfect for those looking for experience with wildlife in a zoo setting, zookeeping or animal husbandry.

All participants are required to be fully Tetanus vaccinated and to take a skin test for Tuberculosis.


During your internship, you’ll earn animal experience hours and learn from the amazing staff that makes up the Belize Zoo. Though this is not a veterinary internship, you may also have the chance to shadow a veterinarian who visits the zoo to do health check ups. This unique internship brings you behind the scenes to give you first-hand experience working at a zoo and providing care to animals in need. The main goal of this internship is to offer interns first-hand experience working with ongoing programs within The Belize Zoo in the Animal Care & Management and Education Department. 


Activities may include (depends on what is at the sanctuary at the time of internship): 

  • Assist in the care and diets of all enclosed wildlife within their habitats.
  • Contribute to habitat enrichment. This includes the betterment of animal living spaces, enhancement of activities and positive enrichment for resident wildlife.
  • Partake in education programs focused on school groups both on-site at the Zoo, as well as through outreach to local communities
  • Observe medical and surgical procedures, or animal inspections performed by Animal Care & Management staff and veterinarians.
  • Assist with regular observational data collection on animal behavior
  • Introduce guests to resident wildlife through interactive encounters

Dates and Tuition

The duration of the internship will be at least 2 weeks and maximum of 4 weeks. Cost by week listed below. Want to stay longer? Check out our Belize Raptor Internship that you can combine with this internship! 

2 weeks: $1,400

3 weeks: $2,100

4 weeks: $2,800

Included: housing, meals, airport transfer

Not included: flight

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Founded as a way to provide a home for a variety of wild animals that had been used in the making of documentary films about tropical forests, the Belize Zoo is now home to over 200 animals, representing over 45 native species! The Zoo keeps animals that were orphaned, rescued, born at the zoo, rehabilitated animals, or sent to The Belize Zoo as donations from other zoological institutions. The zoo is set in a natural habitat for the animals, the Belizian jungle, which is a perfect setting for the resident wildlife. It also provides an immersive educational experience for visitors, volunteers and interns. 

It can get very wet and muddy in the rainy season which runs June through November. The temperature is warm all year round, but in the rainy season there can be brief but intense downpours of rain. This means you will get muddy if you are traveling to Belize in these months! The best part of this season is the rainforest and wildlife come alive with vibrant green hues, the plants, trees and flowers and fauna all in full bloom. 


Interns will report for work Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm, except on public and bank holidays. You are free to schedule tours and excursions on your free time but should let the TEC housing know they do not need to prepare your meals while you are away.