Loop Abroad University Partners

University Partners

Working with Loop Abroad

Over 125 colleges and universities have given credit for students’ participation in a Loop Abroad program. We are happy to work with your college or university to put an MOU in place for students in open-enrollment short-term or semester programs. Loop Abroad also offers direct-enrollment programs, direct-enrollment internships, and faculty-led groups with some university partners across the country. We are happy to customize programming for your faculty and students or to help students enroll directly in our regular open-enrollment courses.

Below you’ll find some samples of our university partner’s Loop Abroad programs. Every school has different needs – please contact us to see how we can assist you.

Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University offers “A&M Thailand Tropical Vet Med & Conservation“, a 4-week direct enrollment program with Loop Abroad. They also offer the CIS Abroad – Veterinary Science Semester in Thailand, which is operated by Loop Abroad.

University of California Davis

University of California Davis offers four animal and veterinary science undergraduate internships abroad through their UC Davis Summer Abroad Internships, all of which are operated by Loop Abroad. This includes Animal and Zoological Management in Australia, Large Animal Science in the Caribbean in Belize, Wildlife, Conservation, and Veterinary Medicine in Costa Rica, and Wildlife, Conservation, and Veterinary Medicine in Thailand.

CIS Abroad

For universities who are already partnered with CIS Abroad, our Veterinary Science Semester in Thailand may be a great option for a semester abroad in fall or spring. This program offers all of the benefits of a Loop Abroad program, including veterinarian instructors and a small group field course, while also adding the campus support of CIS.

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

NCAT is one of many universities with which Loop Abroad has an agreement making it possible for their students to receive credit for studying abroad.

North Carolina State University

Loop Abroad facilitates the Thailand: Global Animal Management Issues, Concerns, and Solutions faculty-led program for North Carolina State University students.

University of Wisconsin Platteville

Loop Abroad facilitates University of Wisconsin’s Tropical Shelter Medicine, Management, and Welfare: from Companion Animals to Elephants program in Thailand, a short-term faculty-led program taking place over winter break.

University of Findlay

University of Findlay in Findlay, Ohio serves as the School of Record for Loop Abroad. Students participating in short-term or semester programs can receive credit for their experience from University of Findlay. University of Findlay is home to an impressive pre-veterinary program whose students have twice the acceptance rate to vet school of the national average.

Iowa Wesleyan University

Iowa Wesleyan University serves as the School of Record for the CELA Belize branch of Loop Abroad and also for Loop Abroad’s virtual self-paced courses. Iowa Wesleyan University students travel to Belize in a culture and service program in the spring.