Private Groups

We build outstanding custom programs for universities, clubs, and other organizations

Loop Abroad can arrange private groups for groups of 8 or more students or individuals. If you are interested in a private group trip, please contact [email protected].

We can offer a customized version of any of our regular programs, including our Veterinary Service programs in Thailand and South Africa. Some of the benefits of arranging a private group include a simplified application process with no application fee, extended payment schedule, group fundraising options, customizable itinerary, and group flights from a variety of departure locations.

If you are interested in arranging a custom trip for your school, contact us about how you can travel free with your group. The arranger of the group can be a student, teacher, or professor. We look forward to providing you with an amazing travel experience!


Alison’s Group: Australia

Ambria’s Group: South Africa

Angela’s Group: Thailand

Anna’s Group: Thailand

Breanna’s Group: Australia

Brianna’s Group: Thailand

Caitlyn’s Group: South Africa

Corinne’s Group: Thailand

Diana’s Group: Thailand

Dr. Sohn’s Group: Thailand

Elisa’s Group: Australia

Hannah’s Group: South Africa

Jackie’s Group: Thailand

Kate’s Group: South Africa

Katelyn’s Group: Thailand

James’ Group: Elephant Medicine Thailand

Lisa’s Group: Thailand

Lori’s Group: Australia

Lori’s Group: Thailand

Madalynn’s Group: South Africa

Meredith’s Group: South Africa

Meredith’s Group: Thailand VSV

Presley’s Group: Australia

Presley’s Two-Week Group: Australia

Rachel’s Group: Thailand

Sally’s Group: Thailand

Samantha’s Group: Thailand

Samantha’s Group: Thailand VSV

Samm’s Group: Thailand

Theresa’s Group: South Africa


"I loved simultaneously learning about veterinary medicine and Thai culture, and seeing the unique challenges and opportunities here."

Antonia L., Veterinary Semester Abroad Fall 2016

Michigan State University