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Behind-the-scenes advice for your journey to become a vet

What is Loop Abroad?

We’re so glad you asked!

One of the biggest misconceptions about Loop Abroad is that we’re a college. While we do have a School of Record that we work with to provide credit for many of our programs, we are actually a private veterinary education program. We pride ourselves on offering immersive trips, including study abroad adventures, and virtual programs.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a fantastic opportunity for hands-on animal experience as well as programs to enhance your skills in preparation for veterinary school, we’re glad you found us! But you probably have a lot of questions about our programs, fees, requirements and more. Take a look at the frequently answered questions below to give you a better idea of all that Loop Abroad is and can offer you through our incredible trips and programs.

I’m not in vet school… Can I still join a trip?


You do not have to be in vet school or be a vet to join one of our trips. While we do have a trip for vet students, most of our trips are targeted toward the undergraduate level! We’ve designed these trips for college students, high school students, or other young adults not currently in school who want to work with animals and learn more about veterinary medicine.

That being said, if you have plans to go to vet school or are curious about exploring the veterinary and animal science fields, our trips will help you discover whether those career paths are right for you! Many of our trips offer university credit, veterinary hours, research hours and more that can be applied toward your vet school application should you choose to pursue a veterinary career. If not, you’ll still gain valuable experience that looks terrific on a job application!

What’s the difference between Study Abroad and Virtual Experiences?

Loop Abroad was built upon in-person trips and study abroad adventures. We currently offer trips on 5 continents and 7 countries — and we’re always growing! Our in-person trips are a truly amazing way to gain unique hands-on experience working with animals and learning from our team of talented vets. Depending on the trip you choose, you might find yourself providing care to elephants, building enrichments for monkeys, restoring coral reefs, and so much more.

Of course, with the prevalence of Covid-19 throughout 2020, our in-person trips were put on hold. However, we used that time to launch something we’ve been wanting to do for a while — our virtual programs!

Within our virtual experiences, you can choose from online courses, internships, and research fellowships. For more information about what each of our virtual programs include, please see their specific program page. Generally, virtual courses include credit and a transcript from our School of Record, University of Findlay, internships are generally based around live (virtual) vet shadowing, and our research projects offer research training and research hours.

Sounds good! What about the cost?

Excellent question!

The price of a trip is called ‘tuition.’ Most of our trips are 2-weeks long and cost roughly $3,950 (give or take). We also offer a few semester trips that are between 12-14 weeks. Our semester trips cost $21,950.

Tuition prices are generally all-inclusive, meaning they cover the cost of the course, all activities, housing, and meals. Not included in tuition is your international airfare.

For those currently enrolled in college, our semester trips generally replace your tuition on your home campus. We can help you work with your school on the approval process to study abroad for a semester with us.

The pricing for our virtual programs depend on the specific program type but generally range between $895-$1,495.

I’m not sure I can afford it. Do you offer financial aid?

The short answer? Sometimes!

The long answer? We offer need-based aid up to $5,000 for our semester trips only; we don’t offer financial aid for our 2-week trips.

That being said, we have a terrific fundraising guide that many of our past students have used to cover part or all of their trip! We can also direct you to some reputable scholarships that may be available for you to apply and if accepted, can be applied to your tuition or airfare.

Okay! How do I get started?


The first step is choosing the right trip for you — we have many options, some of which can be combined for an even longer adventure while minimizing cost of airfare! If you need any help in making your choice, please reach out and we’ll happily assist you.

After you’ve chosen the right trip for you, it’s time to apply. It costs $50 to apply and includes references, essay, and transcript. For our virtual programs, no application is necessary and all you have to do is enroll.

Still have questions? We have answers! Message us here and we’ll be in touch shortly!