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Belize Raptor Internship Online

Learn from a vet and support raptor rescue…

from anywhere

on Earth!


Program Highlights

  • 100% Online
  • 60 LIVE exotic animal veterinary hours for VMCA vet school applications
  • Official certificate of “Clinical Veterinary Care, Rehabilitation, and Raptor Enrichment” for your resume
  • Directly support a “resident” of the Belize Raptor Center (your very own Raptor Pen Pal!)


Loop Abroad, in collaboration with CELA-Belize (, is proud to offer this ground-breaking online internship with the Belize Raptor Center (BRC), the leader in raptor conservation and rehabilitation in Belize. 

Earn 60 exotic animal veterinary hours while supporting raptor rescue through medicine, diet, rehabilitation, enrichment and training. Get exotic animal clinical experience from a veterinarian on live video 3x per week (10 hours per week, 6 weeks).

The BRC has made a huge impact helping birds of prey in Belize, but with the recent halt in tourism, they have lost the support they normally receive from international volunteers and visitors. Your tuition and involvement directly supports your personal Raptor Pen Pal, providing the necessary food, shelter, clinical care, rehabilitation, and enrichment for each of the 12 avian residents and transient patients. Meet the Pen Pals you will directly support by clicking the link below!

Students who successfully complete this internship will earn a certificate of “Clinical Veterinary Care, Rehabilitation, and Raptor Enrichment” and 60 exotic veterinary hours that can be recorded on your VMCAS application to vet school.

The Belize Raptor Center (BRC)

The BRC is led by Sarah Mann, a raptor conservation and rehabilitation expert with a background in wildlife biology and conservation ecology. Sarah’s passion for her work is infectious, and she’s been a favorite among students for many years. She, along with veterinarians Dr. Amy Roches and Dr. Phillip DeShield, will be demonstrating husbandry and veterinary skills during the live video sessions while progressing through immersive activities such as:

  • Introduction to the Belize Raptor Center
  • Meet the Birds (Pen Pal Assignments)
  • Basic husbandry and bird care
  • Diet preparation (rat breeding lab)
  • Equipment making
  • Setup, weigh, crate, and tether a bird
  • Live clinical care and studies
  • Mystery cases and detective work
  • Applications of operant conditioning
  • Making a shaping plan for an education bird
  • Bird training
  • Bird rescue, rehabilitation, and release
  • Education programs and community conservation outreach
  • Pre-conditioning, flight training, and creance skills
  • Culminating enrichment design
  • Facilitation and analysis of enrichment plan for your Raptor Pen Pal

Design your own raptor enrichment project

After building up your knowledge, make your own contribution by developing a novel enrichment plan for your Raptor Pen Pal. Like all captive animals whether in rescue centers or zoos, enrichment is essential for animal well-being and health!

You’ll work closely with Sarah and the team to refine your plan. Once it’s ready, the team will implement your plan and you can observe and analyze the results!

Class format

This internship is 100% live via video conference over six weeks. Interns will be able to participate in meaningful and important conservation projects, while asking Dr. Amy and Dr. Phillip questions, and immersing themselves into the daily activities at the facility. Participants will be actively involved in the rehabilitation, clinical care, and enrichment of bird species native to Belize and the broader region.

Students will also be provided online resources and readings on exotic avian medicine and rehabilitation to supplement the live sessions – all of these resources are included in the tuition.

Students may apply from anywhere in the world. You must be fluent in English and have internet access and a computer with video playback, microphone, and sound. No experience with avian medicine is necessary.

Internship Tuition

**Since COVID-19 has disrupted many students’ travel and educational plans for Summer and Fall 2020, we are heavily discounting tuition to help pre-veterinary students meet their goals.

SessionFull TuitionSummer 2020 Only!
Summer 2020 (6 weeks)$2000$995

University credit is not offered with this internship.

There are no additional readings, technology subscriptions, or course materials you have to purchase to participate in this fellowship. Extensive resources on raptor rehabilitation, which students can keep, are included with the internship tuition.

Dates, Meeting Times, And Deadlines

SessionDatesMeeting TimesEnrollment Deadline
Summer 2020July 14 – Aug 22 Every Tue 5-8pm + Thu 5-7pm + Sat 11am-4pm ETJuly 11

Each week, you’ll join the veterinary team by LIVE video call at the times above. Groups are limited to 20 students so all Belize Raptor Interns can ask questions and get one-on-one mentorship time.

Enrollment is rolling and sessions will close as soon as they fill. If a session is still listed here, there are still positions available.

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"This was a great learning experience! We were able to spend a lot of time with the vets and they were constantly answering questions and sharing their knowledge. Strongly recommend this trip!"

Andrea G., Thailand College Veterinary Service 2016

Wright State University, Dayton, OH