Belize Raptor Internship

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Want to gain a unique career experience? Ready to travel internationally with both independence and support? Consider joining one of our incredible veterinary internships abroad!

Why Choose An Internship?

Our veterinary internships abroad offer students an amazing opportunity to pursue their love of travel while also earning valuable career experience. Compared to our study abroad programs, our internships give students more flexibility when traveling. They’re perfect for students who want to gain hands-on experience but with the freedom to travel and spend time on their own. They’re also great for those who don’t want to navigate the logistics of finding and vetting their own internship opportunity or housing abroad.

Similar to traditional internships, our veterinary internships abroad provide placement with one of our partner projects. Through this placement, you’ll have a set place to intern each day where you’ll shadow, observe, or assist as needed. These internships provide experience that can be used on a resume and some colleges and universities may even accept internship credit for them.

Please note that Loop Abroad internships are quite different from Loop Abroad programs. You will not have a Loop Abroad staff member with you each day, you do not have a Loop Abroad teaching vet, and you do not have activities and transportation scheduled and provided for you. Internships offer you the flexibility of traveling and exploring on your own with the safety and support of an in-country support coordinator, as well as a traditional shadowing internship placement at one of our partner projects. At all internships, you should expect to be on-site approximately 35-40 hours per week, Monday to Friday.

Who It’s For

This internship is good for those who have an academic background in wildlife biology, animal medicine, or a related discipline. While prior experience is not mandatory, a positive outlook, robust professional principles, and the capacity to thrive in a closely-knit communal setting are essential. A keen interest in avian medicine and bird training is a plus!


Escape the bustling city life with this internship at a busy raptor center in a secluded part of Belize. During your internship, you’ll be able to help with the rescue birds and learn from the staff on site. As an intern, you will receive instruction in physical therapy and gain an understanding of the fundamental aspects of preparing an injured bird for release through creance training. Your daily tasks will involve close interaction with our non-releasable avian ambassadors, fostering proficiency in positive reinforcement training and acquiring the ability to formulate training regimens for new ambassadors.

Throughout the internship, interns will acquire knowledge in animal care and master the art of crafting enrichment activities for ambassador raptors. You will be involved in community conservation outreach, including the provision of five weekly onsite bird show programs. When possible, you will also collaborate with local and international wildlife veterinarians. (Veterinarian on site is not guaranteed).


Activities may include (depends on what is at the sanctuary at the time of internship): 

  • Get hands on raptor rehabilitation and avian medicine training.
  • Partake in rescues, the rehabilitation process, and releases when available
  • Learn how to properly intake patients, do injury assessments, and full blood work.
  • Learn how to take and read X-Rays.

Dates and Tuition

The duration of the internship will be at least 2 weeks and maximum of 12 weeks. Cost by week listed below. It is recommended that you stay a minimum of 4 weeks so that you can form a relationship with the birds and be approved for more hands-on activities.

Included: housing

Not included: meals

Housing And Meals

Housing is onsite with high-speed Wi-Fi, hot showers and a full kitchen.

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Escape the bustling city life with this internship at a busy raptor center in a secluded part of Belize. During your internship, you’ll be able to help with the rescue birds and learn from the staff on site. There’s an animal clinic on site, which is where our Pathology and Radiology virtual courses are taught, and where the staff do all sorts of amazing things to help wildlife in Belize. This center is run by a wildlife rehabber and may also include a vet on site (veterinarian on site is not guaranteed).


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