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Animal Rescue Internship Online


Spaces are filling fast! Only one Summer 202 group is still open for enrollment.

On May 21, we opened new sessions, which means we can help even more animals during this difficult time. Check out the new meeting times below!

Gain clinic experience and support animal rescue…

from anywhere on Earth


Loop Abroad is proud to offer remote internships to allow students around the world to learn from and support the year-round work of the Adopt Meow Rescue Center and the Dog Rescue Clinic in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Even if you’re stuck at home, you can be learning real-world clinical skills directly from a veterinarian and contributing resources to help cats and dogs in need in communities across Chiang Mai province.

You will shadow the Loop Abroad veterinary team as they visit and support several rescue projects in need of veterinary services. Your tuition sponsors the time, medicine, and supplies especially needed now as many families can no longer afford to take care of their animals.

Animal Rescue Interns will be mentored and supervised over interactive video calls in English by our passionate and dedicated team:

Dr. Pijitra Seeta (left, “Dr Eve”) is the Loop Abroad Clinic Manager and an experienced small animal vet with many years of experience at the Elephant Nature Park dog and cat shelter that takes care of over 1000 animals. Kitiya Pinmaneenopparat (right, “Kay”), is the Thailand Country Director, and before her years of service with Loop Abroad was a Language and Culture Trainer for the U.S. Peace Corps.

This internship includes 80 veterinary hours that can be recorded on your VMCAS application to vet school.

Adopt Meow Rescue Center

In recent weeks, no cat center in the area has been continuing to move more stray cats and kittens from the street into forever homes than Adopt Meow. But volunteers are scarce and it takes a lot of veterinary care to keep accepting stray cats during this time. This center is 100% run on donations.

At this center, you’ll be discussing the following topics as the veterinarian demonstrate clinical skills:

  • History and role of the shelter
  • Cat shelter design, quarantine protocol, and managing infectious diseases
  • Common cat infections in tropical environments
  • Cat restraint and human safety
  • Cat physical exam techniques – what to look for
  • Preventative medicine for kittens and adult cats
  • Blood collection, cross matching, and FIV/FeLV/FIP tests
  • Geriatric cat care
  • Feline skin, fecal, and ear samples – collecting and processing

Dog Rescue Clinic

Provide free physical exams, flea treatments, eye treatments, and spay and neuter surgeries for dogs throughout the community surrounding the Dog Rescue Clinic. At the clinic you will be observing and learning about:

  • Canine physical exams
  • SOAP notes
  • Skin and ear samples and cytology and identification of common skin diseases in Thailand
  • Blood draw technique, blood smears, and hematocrit tests
  • Fecal floats

Additional lessons:

Across both the cat and dog centers, you will be also learning:

  • Sterile gloving techniques and surgery instruments
  • Drug dose calculations, fluid calculations
  • Spay and neuter anatomy
  • Canine and feline spay and neuter techniques
  • Anesthesia overview
  • Post-operative exams and follow-up care
  • Radiography, in cases of cats or dogs injured by cars (a sad but common occurrence in Thailand)
  • Role of fostering and adoption across cultures

Students may apply from anywhere in the world. You must be fluent in English and have internet access and a computer with video playback, microphone, and sound. No experience with small animal medicine is necessary.

Internship Tuition

**Since COVID-19 has disrupted many students’ travel and educational plans for Summer 2020, we are heavily discounting tuition to help pre-veterinary students meet their goals.

We will also be offering an Early Enrollment Discount for Fall 2020 students who enroll by July 15.

FellowshipFull TuitionFall 2020 Early Bird RateSummer 2020 Only!
6-week fellowship$2000$1495$995

There are no additional readings, technology subscriptions, or course materials you have to purchase to participate in this fellowship.

Dates, Meeting Times, And Deadlines

Each week, you’ll be shadowing the veterinary team by video calls at the times above. Groups are limited to 12 interns so all Animal Rescue Interns can ask questions and get one-on-one mentorship.

Enrollment is rolling and sessions will close as soon as they fill. If a fellowship session is still listed here, there are still positions available.

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"This was a great learning experience! We were able to spend a lot of time with the vets and they were constantly answering questions and sharing their knowledge. Strongly recommend this trip!"

Andrea G., Thailand College Veterinary Service 2016

Wright State University, Dayton, OH