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Jane Stine, JD, MEd, Co-Founder

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   Summer and Winter Programs

Shimmering temple in Thailand

Thailand Veterinary Service

Student veterinary programs

  • High School Students Learn from a US vet in a clinic, volunteer with elephants, and have an adventure!
  • College Students Add clinical skills to your vet school application and volunteer with elephants
  • Vet School Students Explore the veterinary profession from a new angle – elephants in the tropics!
three scuba divers

Thailand Conservation Programs

Ethical animal and adventure programs

  • Wild Tropics Learn SCUBA and protect coral reefs on an island. Explore forest in Northern Thai jungles and at an elephant sanctuary

South Africa

  • Veterinary Service Volunteer at a cheetah conservation and breeding center. Search for the Big Five at Kruger National Park!
  • Zoo Medicine Work at an Animal and Owl Sanctuary learning about medical care for captive animals. Enjoy safari to Pilanesberg National Park!

Australia Veterinary Service

Study zoo medicine with koalas, kangaroos, echidnas, wallabies, and more

The Galapagos and the Amazon

Exploring diverse and unique Ecuador


   Veterinary Semester Abroad in Thailand

Designed for pre-veterinary students, this 14-week, 20-credit semester focuses on small, hands-on classes taught by veterinarians (DVM) in shelters, sanctuaries, and clinics.

From vibrant culture to white beaches, Thailand has it all. Soak up all of Thailand’s beauty while gaining valuable, hands-on veterinary experience with both exotic and companion animals — from dogs and cats to elephants and tropical wildlife.


The semester includes 250+ veterinary hours and 20+ research hours that can be recorded on your VMCAS application to vet school.

  • Thai Culture And Language
  • Companion Animal Management
  • Veterinary Surgical Nursing
  • Veterinary Practice and Skills Practicum
  • Marine Animal Anatomy, Behavior, and Conservation and Lab
  • SCUBA Open Water and Advanced Certifications
  • Elephant Medicine and Management
  • Wildlife Conservation and Care
  • Total of 20 credits

   Global Veterinary Semester Abroad

This global semester abroad is perfect for anyone who wants to explore various aspects of veterinary medicine and loves working with different kinds of animals from dogs and cats to elephants, cheetahs, marine life, and animals native to the Amazon rainforest.


The semester includes 200+ veterinary hours and 85+ animal experience hours including research that can be recorded on your VMCAS application to vet school.

  • Conservation of Amazon Wildlife
  • Galapagos Island Biogeography and Marine Research
  • SCUBA Open Water and Advanced Certifications
  • Tropical Conservation and SCUBA Diving
  • Tropical Shelter Medicine, Mangement, and Welfare: From Companion Animals to Elephants
  • South African Zoo Husbandry and Management
  • ABCs of African Big Cats: Anatomy, Behavior, and Conservation
  • Total of 18 credits

   South Africa Wildlife and Conservation Semester Abroad

3 months abroad immersing yourself in South Africa’s culture and working hands-on with animals in unique conservation and zoo settings.

Gain valuable experience learning the important work that conservationists and zoo vets do while enjoying free time visiting some of South Africa’s most popular sites, including going on safari!


The semester includes 200+ veterinary hours and 60+ animal experience hours including research experiences that can be recorded on your VMCAS application to vet school.

  • History and Culture of South Africa
  • Wildlife Conservation and Management
  • Zoo Husbandry and Management
  • One Health Concepts in Action
  • Anatomy, Behavior, and Conservation of Big Cats
  • Wildlife Research
  • Total of 18 credits

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"All of the staff were great! They really focused on making our experience safe, meaningful, and fun! The vets were very knowledgeable and did a great job teaching us and helping us practice the skills we learned."

Brittany Diaz, College Veterinary Service

Texas A&M

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